10/11/2017 02:06

Cool IDM Usage Tips you Might not know

If the IDM program matches the type / extension list of the file you are downloading, it automatically inherits the download from any browser. You can edit the extension list in the "IDM Options-> General" tab. If you hold down the CTRL key while clicking on any download link, the IDM will...
12/05/2016 11:02

The Perfect Home Spa day in Summer

After 2015 "The perfect wellness day in the autumn" went online, I wanted in the following 9 months actually with the appropriate posts to winter, spring and summer. But this has somehow gone wrong. Since we are quite up-to-date but in a time when it is very nice, I thought a bit of retreat and...
08/05/2015 16:28

WhatsApp Status Messages for Strengthening Friendship

As WhatsApp is being used mostly among young Smartphone owners residing in all parts of the world, these people of younger generation also make use of this platform for making as well as maintaining friendships. Since, WhatsApp is free for all platforms, which provide users a chance to get...

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